ISV Series Wrap-ups

Welcome Back!

Welcome to what is a bitter-sweet day where we get to see what great work everyone has done this year, but also have to say good-bye.

The main focus is giving people enough time to share what they have trialled (and mastered!) in terms of integrating ICTs and authentic student learning.   As such, I’ve asked participants to send along links to illustrate their journeys.

I’ve asked participants to reflect on the following:

  • your own learning,
  • how you have supported collegial learning, or
  • how you have fostered student learning

Real, Rich and Relevant


Thursday – AGQTP

Madhuri Noah

Ian Daw

Anne Tonga

Amy Thompson

 Susan MacKay

Sandra England

Renee Hall

Mike Dye

Michelle Nachsatz


Joel Halperin


Lisa Duggan

Daryl Davey

EtherPad Collaboration on Choice, Competence, Challenge and Culture


Trial ClassBubbles (oxley)

Review Concepts & Links

Looking to Learn

Example: History Compressed – See – Think – Wonder


For Ideas & Inspiration


Recent Samples

Older Examples

Tom’s WebQuest Resources

Transformation Tweakers

C E QA LL / Seek all!

Self-managed Learning Framework for students

Web 2.0



Additional Challenges

  • Create Collaborative Partnerships
  • Prepare Staff PL / Presentations
  • Tweak WebQuest Transformations
  • Explore Twitter
  • Build a Netvibes Feed page

 Preparing for 2013


4 thoughts on “ISV Series Wrap-ups”

  1. What I’ve learned about using technology to support authentic learning:
    – If its not a focus it wont happen.
    – It’s about building a way of thinking rather than a particular activity.
    – It’s worth the effort and *risk* of the occasion that the technology lets you down.
    – It enhances deeper thinking, greater creativity, higher engagement and individualised learning.
    – It better prepares kid for the real world
    – it equips them with the skills they need to survive and thrive in a technology driven world.

    How we have supported collegial learning:
    – staff meetings “try this tomorrow” segment with a technology focus.
    – pd opportunities during staff only days and whole staff meetings to share success stories and training sessions with particular focus
    – whole group teacher training sessions with specific focus (eg setting up a WordPress page with each teacher)
    – techie breakie (in future)

    How we have fostered student learning:
    – planned units with a more purposeful and thought out use of ict
    – involved students in setting up their own WordPress account as a platform for sharing of learning and providing peer and teacher feedback on work
    – used look to learn activities daily in order to build creativity and thinking skills
    – investigating the possibility of a shared platform eg Edmodo to improve home/school communication

    What I have used:
    – Look 2 Learn –
    I have found that building in a Thinking routine has made a huge impact on myself and the students. By having the routine at the start of the day, it gives the kids something constructive to do as I mark the roll and gets their minds ticking. I always try to ensure it is somehow related to what we are studying as I’ve found that to be far more effective and purposeful that just showing pictures that are cute or funny. They really enjoy finding the links between what I’ve shown them and how it ties in to a unit we are studying. I have found it requires great commitment to stick to the routine each and every day but it is well worth the effort and seeing the benefits in the depth of my kids perception, understanding and curiosity about the world around them is the reward. One helpful hint has been to find all the pictures I need at the beginning of the unit and save them in one file so they are all together and ready to go each morning.
    – WordPress Blogs –
    I have got the students to create their own WordPress accounts in order to have a platform to celebrate, share and comment on their own and others work in a public space. It was great as it provided a real audience and purpose to their writing. I would like to have a better plan of exactly what will go on their WordPress accounts and when in order to have it more organised. One challenge that sounds simple has been just getting students to remember their login and passwords. Next time I will definitely make some laminated cards and keep a copy myself. Another one is that unless there is time every week purposely set aside for students to update and manage their accounts, it can lose momentum.
    – Edmodo –
    I haven’t used Edmodo with my class and am still in the investigating stage of it myself but I believe it has a lot of potential for improving assessment, reporting and communication with parents. Looking forward to seeing what it can do to help me improve my professional practice.


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