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By taking on a role you have all developed expertise on a particular aspect of the issue of desegregation. Now it's time to work as a group to answer the main Question of this WebQuest.

What, if anything, should be done to
racially desegregate U.S. schools?

Some members of your team know a lot about the history of the Little Rock Nine and U.S. Supreme Court decisions relating to race and public schools. Other team members have their fingers on the pulse of what people - both in the news and locally - think about integrating schools. Finally, others can tell you all about the various ways people have tried to integrate schools since Central High in 1957. It's time to use this expertise wisely.

Each of you will bring a certain viewpoint to the answer: some of you will agree and others disagree. Use information, pictures, movies, facts, opinions, etc. from the Web pages you explored to convince your teammates that your viewpoint is important and should be part of your team's answer to the Question.

dead end?

Group Process Questions

Decide whether desegregation is a good idea.

Use history, current events and opinions, educational policy, Supreme Court decisions, and opinions to support your decision.

If you believe schools should be desegregated, choose a strategy (or make a new one) that your group thinks would work best. If you don't believe schools should be desegregated, choose which strategy your team thinks should work best, but didn't in the past or doesn't in the present.

Use the form below to create a thesis statement that captures what your team believes.

  1. Answer the following questions in short phrases (not full sentences).
  2. Do not use periods (.) at the end or capital letters at the beginning of the phrases you write.
  3. Click the "Build a Thesis" button when you're finished.
  4. A window will pop open with your Built Thesis.
  5. Go back and adjust your answers to smooth out the thesis until it makes sense and expresses your beliefs.
  6. When your group is happy with the thesis statement, click the "Make an Outline" button to generate an outline that will guide your team as you look for quotations and examples to support your opinion.

Fill in the Blanks To Build Your Thesis Statement

    What's the topic you want to write about?

    What's your main opinion on this topic?

    (Note: use the topic somewhere in this opinion statement and consider using the word "should" to make sure you're stating an opinion)

    What's the strongest argument supporting your opinion?

    What's a second good argument that supports your opinion?

    What's the main argument against your opinion?
    (Note: complete the statement)

    What's a possible title for your essay or presentation?

    Your team name:


You can view an evaluation rubric to guide your achievement.

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