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CEQ•ALL is the culmination of over 2 decades of work to “take the school out of learning.” Technologies enable personal learning, educational psychology proves the superiority of student-managed learning and our culture shifts from “assembly line” to “data flow”, it’s time that schools move to a comprehensively “learning-centered” approach.

This is more easily said that done as the mass production approach seems embedded in our genetic codes and school structures. CEQ•ALL “changes everything” while enabling schools to “carry on as usual.” Explore this site’s readings andadd your comments to join this journey into the next era of education.

What happens when students are left to their own devices? In a WiFi Web 2 world, it could be many wonderful and amazing things? Web 2 empowers the self-initiated to learn more and more personally than ever possible before. But many students, well-trained in the “playing school” see free time a chance to good off, to escape the boredom or avoid the stress. But what if students were truly free to learn as they wish in a supportive environment? CEQ•ALL provides a research-based, common sense approach to guiding personal learning to maximize intrinsic motivation, achievement and sophisticated thinking.

C E Q • A LL (pronounced “seek all”) is an acronym for Choice – Effort – Quality • Attitude – Labor of Love.  The 21st Century will become the era of personal learning.  Beginning with the Internet, then the WWW and now Web 2.0 (who knows what else next?!), technology has opened the world of information, communication, collaboration and publication to anyone with a computer and net connection.

At issue is the fact that it’s not technology alone that makes personal learning happen.  People have been learning independently since the stone became a tool. Unfortunately, a large number of people have been “going through the motions” and have missed out on the joy of learning.

C E Q • A LL uses a simple process to empower individuals to take charge of their own learning.  Based on research and common sense, someone honestly Choosing what to learn, investing Effort and pursuing Quality will inevitably develop a positive and enthusiastic Attitude that can lead to a life imbued with a Labor of Love.

We invite you to see how it works and to try it yourself.  Reading more about the CEQ•ALL Rationale and framework.

Also explore the CEQ•ALL Profiles and CEQ•ALL self-guidance rubric (PDFs)

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