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Latest “Look to Learns”

One of the more popular things I do is post “Look to Learn” activities. These are a combination of Thinking Routines with rich media.  The main idea of Thinking Routines is: … it’s not enough for students to learn “critical thinking … Continue reading

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Integrating 5 Great Pedagogies

I recently did a Webinar on this topic.  Which is a bit absurd, really, because each deserves not only its own Webinar, but a full course to do justice to the ideas, models and research. But the point of the Webinar … Continue reading

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WW1 Veteran speaks of the Gallipoli landing

Jack Hazlitt describes his landing at Gallipoli See-Think-Wonder What do you see? What do you think about that? What does it make you wonder?

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Animal Animations

The little clip below shows a few clever ways animals. props and videos were used to “write” a graphic illustration.  You can get your heads around this a few different ways using the See-Think-Wonder routine.  You might explore “how” it … Continue reading

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Subconscious influences

The section of video below uses clever illustration to make a point about how our unconscious can influence us without our knowing it.  In other words, thoughts that we don’t even notice can affect the decisions we make. You might … Continue reading

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Mankind is no Island

View this video made by filmmakers using camera phones See-Think-Wonder What’s one significant thing you noticed? What does it make you think about? What does this make you wonder about yourself or the world?

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