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Water Buffalo Gift

Background Jazz violinist Robert Thompson was motivated by a blog post to see if he could do something real. This video is his story and that of a family in China and a community around the world. See-Think-Wonder What do … Continue reading

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Laptop – Global Supply Chain

Here is a map of how the parts of a typical laptop are sourced globally to create what ends up with consumers. View an expanded version? Here’s an image with a more basic description of where parts of it came … Continue reading

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Only 100 People on Earth!

Watch this thought-provoking presentation and consider the following question: How does the presentation make you feel about your own existence in the world? What is it about the presentation that surprises you? How can you make a difference in the  … Continue reading

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Classroom in Tunisia

Learning Environment in Tunisia What do you see? Where is Tunisia? How does it compare to your classroom? If one of the children came to your classroom what might they think? What are the limitations and benefits of learning in … Continue reading

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Sister Dorothy & the Rainforest

“Parts” Cluster Use clustering software like or Mind42 What’s the main idea or feeling? Put it in the center. Work as a class or team to brainstorm as much as you can about the movie. Group or connect any … Continue reading

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