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The Art of Pursuing Truth: a call to Educators

How art reaches fully developed human being – this must be our purpose in the classroom. So art can help us get there. Continue reading

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WebQuests at 20: a lesson in “only new mistakes”

<soapbox> I wrote an article last month, The WebQuest: A Parable reflecting on the 20th anniversary of WebQuests (Education Technology Solutions magazine – also available as a pdf). I won’t repeat the article in this post but use what follows to provide … Continue reading

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More PISA Support for “Understanding”

The recent release of results on PISA’s new assessment of Problem-Solving skills in participating countries supports a curriculum focused on deeper understanding and being able to transfer those conceptual understandings to new situations. The graph below (and the pages that … Continue reading

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Visiting Northern Beaches Christian School

Died and Gone to Heaven NBCS Yesterday I finally got around to something I’ve been meaning to do for over a year.  Ages ago, I began hearing through the grapevine of a school in northern Sydney that was really taking … Continue reading

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“Buy Focals”

File Under: You Heard it Here First Over the years I’ve come up with a few “clever coinings” for phrases that capture some new aspect of our technology-enmeshed world. I swear I was the first person I knew to use … Continue reading

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Schizophrenic Ed

File this post in the “It would be funny if it weren’t so sad” category.  Today’s ASCD’s email “SmartBrief” inadvertently juxtaposes two articles that highlight for me exactly what drives me crazy: Here are the links: Connected Test-Taking Pupils face … Continue reading

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Education: We’re in the Humanity Business

The following is a passage from a book I’m working on. I wrote it this morning and thought I’d share it to see if people have any comments.  Thanks, Tom — <soapbox> Clearly we can’t simply drop even the best … Continue reading

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