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4 Types of Data Analytics for Educators

Data and Education? A quick survey of the Web turns up many helpful pages on data analytics. But because data is the currency of our now digital economy, the articles typically focus on the business world.  Any mentions of data … Continue reading

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Google Street Views Aussie

Just like everywhere else it’s debuted, Google’s Street View Maps are creating a stir in Australia (and stir and stir).  Especially fun is the video Google’s made for the Aussie market: Useful resources on Street View and the buzz are … Continue reading

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Crumbware Post

what’s new in the world of digital data trails

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Teachable Doh!-ment

The Age reports how a Sydney resident recorded The Simpson’s Movie on its premiere evening via his mobile phone and had it posted on the net within two hours. It only took that amount of time before representatives of 20th … Continue reading

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“Big Mother” as Cognitive Tutor

In my last post, I suggested that education would do well to mine the wealth of information that can be derived from digitally tracking student movements. A lot can be learned through amassed patterns of student use within software virtual … Continue reading

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