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A Big Change for Tom

What a glorious new beginning! Back in 2014 I wrote a similar post at a time of transition. Today opens a new chapter in the unfolding story of how a high school English teacher from California morphs into a Web-based … Continue reading

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“Buy Focals”

File Under: You Heard it Here First Over the years I’ve come up with a few “clever coinings” for phrases that capture some new aspect of our technology-enmeshed world. I swear I was the first person I knew to use … Continue reading

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Engaged! EtherPad to Wordle

Real-time Collaborative Brainstorming – What Fun! What Good Learning! When students have access to computers or personal devices (Netbooks or iPad3+) you can easily create a real-time collaborative writing page that will also generate a word cloud to show the … Continue reading

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Highlights – May 2012

Below are a few Look to Learn activities that might suit the students / courses identified below. You do not have to limit yourself to those at your Grade Level / KLA, but these groupings are meant to save you … Continue reading

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Schizophrenic Ed

File this post in the “It would be funny if it weren’t so sad” category.  Today’s ASCD’s email “SmartBrief” inadvertently juxtaposes two articles that highlight for me exactly what drives me crazy: Here are the links: Connected Test-Taking Pupils face … Continue reading

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Tumblr: New home for Look to Learn

From “All Rights Reserved” to “ReBlog?” Background When I first heard about Tumblr, I had little interest because I thought, “why do I need a more limited version of WordPress (of which I am a long time fan and user)?  … Continue reading

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Why I Love WordPress (again)

I’ve been using WordPress since 2004 and have become a broken record lauding it as an exemplar of open source software and community.  I’ve used every flavor of WordPress and still do for a variety of different applications:,, … Continue reading

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Ira Glass on Creative Work

 Connect, Extend, Challenge Connect: How are ideas presented related to something you like or are interested in making? Extend: What new ideas did you get that extended or pushed your thinking in new directions? Challenge: What is still challenging or … Continue reading

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13 Reasons Why Digital Learning is Better

What’s so Good about Digital Learning? The following section moves through an extensive list of some of the main aspects that make digital learning different – and better – from what we might be used to. You may be very … Continue reading

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Water Buffalo Gift

Background Jazz violinist Robert Thompson was motivated by a blog post to see if he could do something real. This video is his story and that of a family in China and a community around the world. See-Think-Wonder What do … Continue reading

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