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Integrating 5 Great Pedagogies

I recently did a Webinar on this topic.  Which is a bit absurd, really, because each deserves not only its own Webinar, but a full course to do justice to the ideas, models and research. But the point of the Webinar … Continue reading

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Skipping Challenge

This American Middle School engages and stimulates its female students with skipping. Continue reading

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Subconscious influences

The section of video below uses clever illustration to make a point about how our unconscious can influence us without our knowing it.  In other words, thoughts that we don’t even notice can affect the decisions we make. You might … Continue reading

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Get into “Flow”

Above is the last section of Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi’s presentation where he describes Flow. You can also see the full video. What is “Flow”?  Describe it in your own words. Have you had a Flow experience?  If so, describe what you … Continue reading

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