Studies of Asia – October Workshop


Please begin by using the comments link on this post to share your personal learning goals for this workshop.

I have the pleasure of facilitating another 2 Day workshop for the Studies of Asia group at the Victorian department of education. Lindy Stirling, State Advisor, Studies of Asia (see the Studies of Asia Wiki) has organised this session at the Clifton’s in Melbourne’s beautiful CBD.

After adding your comment, you might like to download the handouts for this 2 Day Workshop

Studies of Asia Links

Participants’ Blogs

Activity 1: Great examples from previous Studies of Asia Workshops

To get a sense of what we will be creating over the next two days, please explore the work created by participants in previous sessions.  Try to notice the features, strategies and benefits gained from such a learning platform.

Brainstorm what you noticed using a shared Stixy board

Activity 2: Creating your Online Platform

Fine-tuning your Blog


Interesting Videos (all on YouTube)

Images for your blog (Creative Commons-licensed content)



Added Bonus?:Web 2 Tools

Presentation Interludes

Activity 3: Look to Learn

“Asian” Tumblr Look to Learns

Work Period

Task: Create 2 – 4 5 – 10 Look to Learn Activities for your students

Activity 3: Enrich your site with content and rich media

RSS Feeds

Other Media

Activity 4: Manage your Rich Media Links

Activity 5: The ClassPortal Twist


For Ideas & Inspiration

C E QA LL / Seek all!

Self-managed Learning Framework for students

Feedback – links!

40 thoughts on “Studies of Asia – October Workshop”

  1. My goal is to learn some new ICT skills to use with my class particularly relating to ‘Engage with Asia’. Also, to be able to share these new skills with other staff members.

  2. I would like to have a better understanding of how to use ICT in the classroom. II would like to have a meaningful lesson.

    • Hi Nicole – after 2 days you should have many lessons you can use. Day 2 is mostly about this after we get the skills in place today. Welcome!

  3. I am teaching in middle primary this year and lower primary next year. I want to know what exactly can be done in my classroom with the grades I teach. As well I wonder how to take whatever we learn here to the rest of the staff. We have had lots of talk at school and it seems we are ready for the next step but aren’t sure what the next step is.

  4. I would like to know more about ICT in the prep classroom, exploring how to use it more effectively. I would also like to know more about using different ICT apps, websites etc. in combination with one another to create more meaningful learning experiences.

  5. I would like to learn more about how to use wiki and to gain more support of ICT to help my students to be become the best ICT leaners that they can be. To gain more information and skills in supporting my students to learn more about China (Asia)

    • Hi Shiromi,
      We won’t actually be using Wikis so much as Blogs – you may, but I think you’ll find blogs more powerful. Let’s see. Welcome!

  6. MY goals for this PD is to learn more about Blogs and wiki usage in the classroom.
    I want my students to develop concrete/sound virtual literacy skills so they keep up a world that requires them to have abilities that we may not even realise yet.

  7. Goals
    Updating myself on what is available in ICT for the use with students
    Using a Tool to enagage studnets in their learning
    Working with a team member to collaboarate , plan and deliver a curriculum that is linked to LOTE and ICT
    Linking the Library and Art/LOTE sessions ( with my team member attending today)

    • Clarify usage of web2 sites and broaden/deepen my knowlwedge.
      Increase knowledge of Asia – how I will implement in the new curriculum.
      New role as a Dept Head so want to have new ways of communicating / sharing ideas /work with students and staff.

  8. Clarify usage of web2 sites and broaden/deepen my knowlwedge.
    Increase knowledge of Asia – how I will implement in the new curriculum.
    New role as a Dept Head so want to have new ways of communicating / sharing ideas /work with students and staff.

  9. I would like to learn ICT skills to apply in my EAL and language classes. I wish to undergo a user friendly training session and will pass on the skills to my colleagues.

  10. I am representing the early years for my school, I would like to learn some ICT skills (Asia themed) that are transferrable to youngies!

  11. I want to learn about the latest IT ideas to use in the classroom. I am the Art/Indonesian teacher and I work with the Librarian adjacent to me and hope to do some IT/Asia things together.

  12. Teaching laguages at secondary levels requires updated teaching strategies and ICT activities. Students these days are so techno-savvy, and I would like to keep up with them.

  13. I’m interested in the integration of Asia into the curriculum. I’d love to study examples of schools and teachers using ICT to engage students with Asia, Asian culture in an authentic way. Also the use of ICT to allow students to develop 21st Century competencies is something I’m interested in. I’d also like to explore how schools plan and map out Asia and ICT into a curriculum plan (scope and sequence).

  14. I would like to gain information and skills to support students in learning to communicate more broadly through technology. To be able to help build links with a sister school in China and to increase my own ICT skills.

  15. I would like to know more about wikis and blogs and how to initiate these with parents and children. I would also like to know how to integrate my Asian Studies knowledge into ICT in the classroom.

  16. Use skype with a school in Japan but I really want to explore other simple and effective ways of communicating and interacting with them using ICT.


    Cathie Bradford

  17. I am interested in how to integrate studies of Asia into the curriculum in an authentic manner. I’m also interested in learning more ways to incorporate ICT into the curriculum to support student engagement.

  18. I am interested in learning about how to use ITC in Asian studies for primary schools, in particular the junior Prep, 1, 2 age group.

  19. I am the Indonesian/Asian Studies teacher at our school. I am interested in establishing contacts with others in relation to Asian studies and the use of ICT.


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