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Online Learning: Advance or Catch Up & GO!

In NC online students can graduate early, or catch up we learn about the North Carolina Virtual Public School program that allows students to take online courses, recover missing credits, earn college credit or get to college faster.  When the … Continue reading

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The iPhone & the Truth of Elegant Design

How Web hits from iPhones far exceeded their market share.  The fact of being able to do something isn’t the same of the facility of doing it easily within an intuitive environment.

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Change “Music” to “Schools” and…

It’s no secret that the music industry has played hardball with users of filesharing networks. Leaders in the field worked hard to ignore the fact that those who swapped files via BitTorrent were also the greatest purchasers of music. Now … Continue reading

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“Big Mother” as Cognitive Tutor

In my last post, I suggested that education would do well to mine the wealth of information that can be derived from digitally tracking student movements. A lot can be learned through amassed patterns of student use within software virtual … Continue reading

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Getting Serious about Play

It seems Scotland public schools are in for an overhaul according to a recent BBC News article, School lessons to focus on play. Schools will still use traditional methods when necessary to teach pupils to read, write and count. But … Continue reading

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