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“Buy Focals”

File Under: You Heard it Here First Over the years I’ve come up with a few “clever coinings” for phrases that capture some new aspect of our technology-enmeshed world. I swear I was the first person I knew to use … Continue reading

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Intriguing Ourselves to Death…

a plea for Education… What follows isn’t anything new, but will likely be all too common – yet it serves as a concrete example of why education must change and what it must address. Over an hour ago, I thought … Continue reading

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Apple’s hot & frothy

According to the buzz, Forbes alerts us to a new patent logged by Apple that will allow iPhone users to place their Starbucks order and get a return message when it’s ready.  Use your gadget to jump ahead of all … Continue reading

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The “outsourced brain”

David Brooks’ Op-Ed piece “The Outsourced Brain” in the New York Times is a must read for educators. Beginning with a GPS goddess that gently steers the author in the right direction, Brooks goes on to invoke his use of … Continue reading

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Teachable Doh!-ment

The Age reports how a Sydney resident recorded The Simpson’s Movie on its premiere evening via his mobile phone and had it posted on the net within two hours. It only took that amount of time before representatives of 20th … Continue reading

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Big Brother or “Big Mother?”

A few years ago Coca-Cola ran a promotion called “The Unexpected Summer.” In it a combo cellphone GPS device was rigged to look like a can of Coke and placed in over a hundred 12-packs around the country. A companion … Continue reading

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“World of WarCrack”

I’ve been harping for a couple years about how vulnerable we can all be to the lure of getting “Whatever we want, Whenever and Wherever” (The New WWW). Even though it’s human nature to want what we want (all of … Continue reading

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‘US full of Internet addicts’

Okay, so I can say “I told you so…” An article recently making the rounds highlights research at Stanford University that “indicated more than one in eight US residents showed at least one sign of ‘problematic Internet use.’” And I … Continue reading

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YouTube used for “Astro Turf”

Apparently “Astro Turfing” was first coined by Lloyd Bentsen to describe fake grassroots campaigns to sway public opinion.  Not only was LonelyGirl15 a fake, but now The Wall Street Journal has fingered the dirty PR company DCI for posting a … Continue reading

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Okay, how old are you?!

So the teen repellent sound used by shopkeepers in England has been turned to advantage. The best article I’ve found on it is from National Public Radio. Inventor Howard Stapleton, creator of the Mosquito teen repellent, says only a few … Continue reading

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