Day 3 – ClassPortals


Tom’s Intro


  • Focus on one compelling topic (with all its interesting connections to others)
  • Embody a passionate interest of the teacher and students
  • Continue in the background of class activities drawing attention when something in the real world provokes it
  • Act as a platform for things like writing, podcasts, videos, photos, cartoons, data collection, etc.
  • Make a contribution to the world’s learning



For Ideas

For Inspiration

Brainstorming and Designing

Task 1: Choose Topic(s)

Task 2: Enrich the Possibilities

  • What would excite student interest in this topic?
  • Why People Care about this Topic
  • Complexity: What Issues and Aspects make up this Topic?
  • Embedded Learning Skills

Task 3: Tapping & Taming the Information Stream

  • Examples: Tom’s ClassPortal Pageflakes or Netvibes
  • Types of Current Information Available (News, Podcasts, Video, Cartoons, Movies, Books, etc.)
  • Initial places to begin looking
  • Possible Student Jobs, Roles, Tasks (consider ICT expertise and Gifted & Talented extensions)

Task 4: ICT Productions

  • Based on Your Skills & Interests & Student Inclination, which ICT Creations seem possible?
  • Any needed software, hardware, online spaces / tools, tech support, tutorials, etc.

Let’s Get Started!

Next Session: Day 4

  • Real, Rich and Relevant Group: Wednesday, 27 July (Day 5: Aug 17)
  • AGQTP Group: Tuesday, 16 August (Day 5: Oct 12)

1 thought on “Day 3 – ClassPortals”

  1. AGQTP Group

    Began with Keynote slides: tmarch_classportals_june2011
    Generated awareness and discussion around “real Learning” and School.
    Provided context for Look to Learn and ClassPortals
    Used hard copy document: Developing a ClassPortal (
    Long Work Period: 1) setting up space (WordPress or…), 2) Three new Look to Learn activities in ClassPortal on topic, 3) Creating Netvibes tab on ClassPortal Topic, 4) Demo of Jotform as file upload and then embedding Podcast into WordPress with [audio tag.


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