Day 3 – ClassPortals


Tom’s Intro


  • Focus on one compelling topic (with all its interesting connections to others)
  • Embody a passionate interest of the teacher and students
  • Continue in the background of class activities drawing attention when something in the real world provokes it
  • Act as a platform for things like writing, podcasts, videos, photos, cartoons, data collection, etc.
  • Make a contribution to the world’s learning



For Ideas

For Inspiration

Brainstorming and Designing

Task 1: Choose Topic(s)

Task 2: Enrich the Possibilities

  • What would excite student interest in this topic?
  • Why People Care about this Topic
  • Complexity: What Issues and Aspects make up this Topic?
  • Embedded Learning Skills

Task 3: Tapping & Taming the Information Stream

  • Examples: Tom’s ClassPortal Pageflakes or Netvibes
  • Types of Current Information Available (News, Podcasts, Video, Cartoons, Movies, Books, etc.)
  • Initial places to begin looking
  • Possible Student Jobs, Roles, Tasks (consider ICT expertise and Gifted & Talented extensions)

Task 4: ICT Productions

  • Based on Your Skills & Interests & Student Inclination, which ICT Creations seem possible?
  • Any needed software, hardware, online spaces / tools, tech support, tutorials, etc.

Let’s Get Started!

Next Session: Day 4

  • Real, Rich and Relevant Group: Wednesday, 27 July (Day 5: Aug 17)
  • AGQTP Group: Tuesday, 16 August (Day 5: Oct 12)
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