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Back to Adelaide!

I’m really looking forward to joining in at the EdTechSA conference coming up on 15-16 July. Warm-up Poll – Gathering Data Session 1 (9:45) – Next Era Ed Readiness Check I’ve got a workshop page with a checklist and resources. This … Continue reading

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Next Era Ed @ ECAWA

Hello! How great to be back in Perth!  I’m really pleased to return to the ECAWA conference to see old friends and meet new ones.  During the conference I’ll be presenting: Keynote: How Ready is Your School for Next Era … Continue reading

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ECAWA 2015

It’s with a real sense of pleasure, enthusiasm and anticipation that I return to Perth to present at the ECAWA conference this year.  Special thanks to Lynley McKernan and the whole conference committee for welcoming me in my new role … Continue reading

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My Professional Journey circa 2015

Overview My goal has long been to help educators and schools nurture meaningful student achievement.  Often this includes a conceptual shift from teacher-delivered lessons to student-driven learning.  I’ve spent decades working on this problem and would like to use this post to … Continue reading

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More PISA Support for “Understanding”

The recent release of results on PISA’s new assessment of Problem-Solving skills in participating countries supports a curriculum focused on deeper understanding and being able to transfer those conceptual understandings to new situations. The graph below (and the pages that … Continue reading

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Free eBook Launched

I’d like to announce the official launch of my new eBook, Brutal Truths for Schools.  For those who have seen me present, this eBook is part one of my “It’s broken, so Let’s Fix it” theme.  I thought I’d put … Continue reading

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Engaged is Nice, but not Enough

What do Students Need to Succeed? When students have 1:1 access to digital resources, the traditional role of the teacher as information source is “disintermediated.” This doesn’t mean that students never need a teacher, or that educators don’t have a … Continue reading

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Learning Reflection

Too often when teachers talk about “learning” they’re really talking about “school.”  So I use this short guided professional reflection to give everyone a felt sense of that great joyous feeling that is learning. Reflection on “Learning” from Tom March … Continue reading

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Visiting Northern Beaches Christian School

Died and Gone to Heaven NBCS Yesterday I finally got around to something I’ve been meaning to do for over a year.  Ages ago, I began hearing through the grapevine of a school in northern Sydney that was really taking … Continue reading

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BCE – Teacher Librarians Big Day Out

What a Great Big Day Out! The Brisbane Catholic Education Teacher Librarians have organised their “Big Day Out” conference during this Catholic Education Week.  Over a hundred TLs will gather to explore the BCE’s new Life Learning Management System, the … Continue reading

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