Sutherland Shire Teacher Librarians


Thanks to Cecilie Yates every few years I get to work with Teacher Librarians from the Sutherland area. This time we’ve organised to meet at Cronulla High School to spend the day looking through strategies particularly suited to the role of the teacher Librarian as the chief Information Manager of most schools.

This set of handouts was provided so that participants don’t have to worry too much about writing down Web addresses during the sessions.  An even more complete set with descriptions of Web 2 tools and advice about CEQ•ALL is also available for download.

After an initial Presentation we’ll move through the following topics with plenty of time to analyse examples and discuss integration.

Web 2.0 Intro?

I’m not sure this is needed with this group, but just in case…

Look to Learn Links

  1. Easy YouTube downloader for Firefox
  2. TubePrompter
  3. or move down the list to WordPress

Online Samples


WebQuests 2.0

By Tom

By Others



C E QA LL / Seek all!

“Gearing Up”

Managing your Rich Media Links

Thinking Tools

Building your Digital Learning Platform

Choose your Approach

  1. Get a WordPress Blog

WordPress, get started!

Students as ongoing Content Creators

Audio – Podcast

Text – Wikipedia Page

Video – Interviews, Guides, Screencasts?

Maps – Producing Google Map Tours