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One thing that's great about teenagers is that they know what's what. Leave it to adults to find all the gray areas and to accent half truths. Teenagers passionately argue about right and wrong and good and bad. One thing about adults, however, is that they have lived through being teenagers, and have softened their opinions with hard-learned realities about what's possible to change and what we might have to accept.

How does this relate to anything? Think about it, we live in a time of increased danger. Terrorism, drugs, unsafe sex, gang violence... and school violence. Do you want to live in a safer world? Are you willing to let your children grow up in an even more dangerous world? Maybe something needs to be done. We could declare a war on Terrorism, but how will that help things in your neighborhgood or at your school? A wise person once said, "Think Globally, Act Locally." So what if you wanted to use your passion to make the world a better place? We suggest there's work to do at our own schools. In fact, we may have some work to do even closer to home: in our own hearts.

The purpose of this WebQuest is to engage a group of students from one school to learn as much as they can about creating safer, fairer, and better schools, then see what they can do to actually make this happen. This is definitely NOT a pretend activity. You will not only develop a plan of action, but put it into practice and see what happens over an extended period of time.

If you're not too interested in the subject of understanding violence at schools, you could try a Subject Sampler designed to let you connect more emotionally to the topic. We're not interested in what you think about the subject, just that you find some personal connection to it and what to get involved.

How will all this happen? As a group you're going to explore the topic of School Safety. Each member of your team will become an expert in one part of the topic. Then you'll have to come back together to answer a question that gets to the heart of 'what's the truth and who says so?' Because you want to do a good job, why not read the evaluation rubric for this WebQuest?

If you're ready to go, move on the to the Question and Task.


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