Be-Dazzling Principals in Melbourne

The Day

On Monday I’m presenting Day One of a conference for primary principals from the Outer North Western area of Melbourne.  The task for the day is to inspire — to bedazzle —  these leaders with how ICTs can excite learning for themselves, their teachers and students.

Although we will explore plenty of dazzling ICTs, my goal is to do more.  I hope to empower participants with a customisable roadmap, one where they use the exciting aspects of technology to promote a sustainable culture of Real, Rich and Relevant learning in their schools.

Quick Brainstorming

Let’s begin with sharing vision our challenges and goals by getting input via


The Vision

My unhidden agenda is that technology needs to do more than “sex-up” traditional lessons.  Here are examples of how an educator frames a task so that it inspires students to stretch to their best.

What is Dazzling?

Students engaged in autonomous knowledge building. Why?
  • It’s an expression of the Joy of Learning
  • It’s what’s called for by governments & business
  • It makes online access more than amusing ourselves to death
  • It produces better retention of information and promotes higher order thinking, superior outright performance and psychological wellness.

Here are examples:

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How do we Nurture this?

Look to Learn


Do the Dazzling

Web 2.0 Intro