Working at Hopetoun in the Mallee

Welcome to Hopetoun educators!

Interaction! Let’s begin by adding some of your experiences using digital learning as comments to this post.

During our one day together we will focus on successfully using online resources to increase student achievement and learning.  In other words, we’re going Digital and becoming “Cutting Edge-ucators.”

To do this most effectively, I have come to see you need four things to be successful:

  1. A vision (or reason to bother)
  2. An online platform (where the learning takes place)
  3. Some strategies guaranteed to succeed
  4. And a framework for student ownership of learning

1 – A Vision

There are two documents I’d suggest:

The Powerful Learning framework by Professor David Hopkins that has been adopted regionally and the Melbourne Declaration:

To achieve these goals, consider the following pedagogies:

Interaction! What about ICTs & Learning? Use this EtherPad / Primary Pad to share your thinking. (and check the new Wordle!).

2 – A Platform

Although every Victorian teacher has a learning space on the UltraNet, another platform could be used to more easily link to rich media and learning resources.  It’s called WordPress.

3 – Strategies Guaranteed to Succeed

4 – A Framework for Student Ownership of Learning

C E QA LL / Seek all!

Self-managed Learning Framework for students

Breakout Sessions

Level: Use & Create

Resources for Sessions

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