WebQuest Day 2

Welcome Back to Day 2!

Today we have three main objectives:

  1. Get a clear experience / understanding of the Group Transformation phases from the Day 1 WebQuest.
  2. Draft a WebQuest on a topic of your own choosing.
  3. Make sure you have the platform & digital resources to develop the draft WebQuest.

Activity 1 – Revisiting the Group Process

To make sure you have a successful experience from the inside of a group transformation process, I’ve revised the task into this handout: School 3.0 WebQuest Group Task.  Let’s do this as a warm-up and then debrief.

Extra Inspiration for current models?

Your Versions

Sampler of Group Process Tasks Tom’s Used

Activity 2 – Drafting Your WebQuest

Use the handout from Day 1: Designing a WebQuest.  Focusing on page 2, brainstorm the big pieces of the WebQuest you could develop. At this stage you want to see the overall construct because once you start developing it, it’s easy to get stuck into a “timesuck” or bogged into details and surfing.  Let’s keep our heads-up and think “Big Picture” or you will realise the truth behind every WebQuest (it can expand to include the universe of thinking and topics).

Topics and Questions – EtherPad Brainstorming?


Activity 3:
Building / Enriching Your Smart Online Space

WordPress Support

Activity 3:
Developing Your WebQuest

Gather Resources & Perspectives

Thinking Tools


Develop your WebQuest to share a solid draft on October 13.

How about sharing your thoughts?