Sydney Region Leaders Conference



As the culmination of an evolving model called The Edge-ucators Way, Tom will engage participants in exploring three core strategies and a model to promote student self-initiated learning.
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I have the pleasure of sharing “It’s Broke – So Let’s Fix it” with the leaders of government schools in the Sydney region.  The key points are to focus on our most important tasks: changing classroom practices to leverage ICTs to support the best in evidence-based pedagogies, to break free from a century’s worth of habits and emerge into a new Era of Education.  A pdf of the keynote is available.

The Edge-ucators Way

Look to Learn



Interaction: Comment on this Post: how could you use / support Look to Learns?



For Ideas & Inspiration

Interaction: Brainstorm Topics you think would make good ClassPortals


WebQuests by Tom



Interaction: Brainstorm Topics / Big Questions for possible WebQuests (Group 1 & Group 2)

Activity: Creating Your Smart Online Space

Activity – Web 2 Tools

Self-managed Learning Framework for students

C E QA LL / Seek all!

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  1. Robert Devlin says:

    Thanks for your talk today. It was great and will give me and my department a good focus and direction in the future.

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