Studying Asia & ICTs in Ballarat


Please begin by using the comments link on this post to share your personal learning goals for this workshop.
I have the pleasure of facilitating another 2 Day workshop for the Studies of Asia group at the Victorian department of education. Lindy Stirling, State Advisor, Studies of Asia (see the Studies of Asia Wiki) and local educators have organised this session in historic Ballarat.

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Participants’ Completed Web sites (in 2 Days!)

Studies of Asia Links

Activity 1: Great examples from previous Studies of Asia Workshops

To get a sense of what we will be creating over the next two days, please explore the work created by participants in previous sessions.  Try to notice the features, strategies and benefits gained from such a learning platform.

Brainstorm what you noticed using a shared Stixy board

(debrief Web 2.0 terminology?)

Activity 2: Creating Your Smart Online Space

Fine-tuning your Blog

Activity 3: Look to Learn : : Learn to Look

Online Samples

Day 2 – Personalising Your Learning to Personalise Student Learning

Paths to Personal Success – Twiddla EtherPad

Path 1: Create 3 – 5 Look to Learn Activities for your students

  • Export / Import to begin new blog?
  • Copy / Paste this Post into your blog?
  • WordPress Lessons

Path 2: Web 2 Tools

Path 3: Enrich your site with content and rich media

RSS Feeds

Other Media

Path 4: Manage your Rich Media Links

Path 5: Create a ClassPortal

Path 6: Create Specific Learning Activities

Path 7: CEQ•ALL – Student-managed Learning



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23 thoughts on “Studying Asia & ICTs in Ballarat”

  1. Over the 2 days I expect to enrich my students with new materials for their weekly webquests in years 7,8,9 and VCE

  2. To create learning experiences that will better student outcomes.
    To find efficient and effective strategies to empower students with ICT skills.

    • What kinds of things are you doing at the moment to do with ICT, Cain?

      Are you doing anything relating to an Asian theme?

      • At the moment I’ve been using the Ultranet as a compass for my students’ research into features of particular countries (Groups of 6). They’ve been putting their findings together on a wiki that they can then use to generate a project using another program of their choosing (Photostory/powerpoint)

    • Can we use today as a basis for PD activities for staff – offer different workshops depending on level of skills for Thursday sessions?

  3. I am hoping to come away from this 2 day workshop with skills and knowledge to take back to the children using ICT in conjunction with Studies of Asia to implement in classrooms

  4. – To learn more about the efficient use of ICT for general use within my classes;
    – Develop a broader skill base in order to run PD with our staff;
    – Broaden my understanding of Asia particularly relating to teaching topics from within the Humanities domain.

    • I also would like to learn about the efficient use of ICT for general use within my classes, particularly in my Japanese classes.

  5. I want to use ideas from today and fit it into existing plans for school/class programs, also use as training sessions for ultranet PD.

  6. I would like to learn what content areas to embed into ICT, so that I can support my staff in implementing our studies of asia program. I would also like to build a bank of resources and activities for us to use in our school. To have a clear pathway and direction in our program. I already know how to use blogs, wiki’s, how to embed youtube videos etc, so any other web 2.0 tools I learn will be great.

    • I am down the road if you need help.”Iam old but so wise like my father before me said'(Cat Stevens)

    • I think the idea of creating a bank of resources using ICT is great. Knowing how to use blogs, wikis Etc. is something we have in common, using them in an effective manner and building on these skills is important and something I’m eager to learn.

  7. Hi Tom,

    I’m hoping to establish some contact with a Japanese primary school so my students will be able to communicate with them via skype or emailing.

    I’d also like to improve and add to my ultranet space to make it more engaging and useful for students.

    Looking forward to the sessions.



    • Hi Jasmine – make sure we don’t lose this goal of finding a class to collaborate with as we dig deep into ICTs. Lindy can help you with the BRIDGE program. Welcome!

  8. I hope to refresh and build on my knowledge (and skills) of how to use ICT in the classroom. I want to develop some practical approaches for linking Asian Studies with ICT in the Humanities and English classroom. I plan to take what I learn here back to both these KLAs.

    • I agree that practical appoaches to the link between Asia studies and Information Communication and Technology (ICT) is important. Employers need these skills in todays busy international trade environment.

  9. Web 2 ideas
    Network links
    increased knowledge of Asia
    increased number of links with like minded people
    classroom ideas
    ideas on how to increase ITC in the classroom
    Sharing of knowledge and ideas


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