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Look to Learn: Developing a Culture of Inquiry in Early Years’ Classrooms

The Blurb: Experienced teachers know that positive routines form a foundation to classroom learning. However, routines can also be used to engage students in critical thinking and knowledge building, activities often considered beyond the abilities of early years learners. Participants in this one-day session will experience what it’s like to ‘Look to Learn’ from the inside and then use and create such activities for their own students. See how rich digital media like blogs, videos, podcasts and images stimulate interest that is then developed through routines that prompt critical and creative thinking. This hands-on workshop provides the theory and practice to enhance the spirit of inquiry and appetite for learning that is already alive in your classroom.

Here’s a set of materials to go along with this Web page.

Discussion and Orientation

Given “The New Default”, what are our challenges? (stixy)

examples 1: Mankind is No Island, Miniature Earth, Global Rich List

examples 2: Slides

Look to Learn Links

Online Samples

Building your Looking to Learn Platform

Choose your Approach

  1. Easy YouTube downloader for Firefox
  2. TubePrompter
  3. Get a WordPress Blog

If WordPress, then get started!

Visible Thinking Tools

Site to visit Regularly

Manage your Rich Media Links

Early Years Day 3

Welcome Everyone!

Look to Learn – Review and Feedback

  • Look to Learn Strategy
  • Example: JabberRumpus
  • Did you use with students? Response? Comments link used by students, parents, grandparents, cross-age mentors?
  • We Add a comment about use – surf to activities


Ideas for ClassPortals

Where to from Here?

Early Years Day 2

Welcome Early Years Educators!


Conceptual Questions:

  • What makes web 2.0 good for learning?
  • What makes Web 2.0 difficult for “schools?”
  • Add to Stixyboard?
  • What does Rene say?


Look to Learn

Social Bookmarking

  1. Join the Diigo Early Years Booking Group
  2. Download the Diigo Toolbar
  3. Add a couple sites you like

Social Bookmarking explained by Common Craft

Create your Own Look to Learn

  1. Register to make a Look to Learn activity
  2. Consider your links or others – choose one that is Real, Rich and / or Relevant (all three is best!) Maybe the Scootle learning objects (list)? Test linkMt Scopus
  3. Look through the Prompts and copy and paste or make up your own.
  4. Work with others, get feedback, have fun, then Post your Look to Learn activity.

Use our Early Years AISV page for more links