Early Years Day 2

Welcome Early Years Educators!


Conceptual Questions:

  • What makes web 2.0 good for learning?
  • What makes Web 2.0 difficult for “schools?”
  • Add to Stixyboard?
  • What does Rene say?


Look to Learn

Social Bookmarking

  1. Join the Diigo Early Years Booking Group
  2. Download the Diigo Toolbar
  3. Add a couple sites you like

Social Bookmarking explained by Common Craft

Create your Own Look to Learn

  1. Register to make a Look to Learn activity
  2. Consider your links or others – choose one that is Real, Rich and / or Relevant (all three is best!) Maybe the Scootle learning objects (list)? Test linkMt Scopus
  3. Look through the Prompts and copy and paste or make up your own.
  4. Work with others, get feedback, have fun, then Post your Look to Learn activity.

Use our Early Years AISV page for more links

1 thought on “Early Years Day 2”

  1. Day’s main activities

    Great discussion about the value and integration of technology in the Early Years classroom.
    Everyone downloaded Diigo Toolbar and joined Early Years Group
    Added a bookmark or two to the group
    Added one Look to Learn activity before Lunch
    Revisited the WP Editor re: Tags, Categories, Uploading Docs
    Began looking at PageFlakes – several copied the IWB Early Years page

    Next time:

    Review adding Look to Learn, did anyone use with students? Response? Comments link used by students?
    We Add a comment about use
    Consider Sharing IWB Resources icons


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