CEFPI Conference – Sydney Exhibition Centre

The Council of Educational Facility Planners International is currently holding their conference at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre in  Darling Harbour.  I will be contributing to a discussion session on Wednesday and a keynote on Thursday.

During the discussion session I will be able to make the case for where current schools are “broken” and during the keynote I will share my version of the “Fix:” Next Era Ed.  Essentially, today’s schools are built on the assembly line model which worked reasonably well last century given the available technology.  When resources and expertise were limited and the goals were “basic skills,” the Factory School was our best option.

Today’s digital technologies, however, “change the game.”  Not only is this the beginning of a Golden Era of access to rich digital media and interactions, but the data mining behind the scenes allows for what Alvin Toffler called “mass customisation.”  So why do we continue to operate schools based on last century’s “one-size-fits-all” mantra instead of shifting to the possibility of “all fit to one’s size?”  This is my shtick.

Theme Session: “It’s Broke”

Challenge: Contribute environmental planning ideas around 3 versions of Digital Schooling

Keynote: “So Let’s Fix It!”

Thursday morning I have the chance to make my case for the four areas we must address if we are to succeed at shifting away from the “virtual learning” of the assembly line school in favour of the Joy of Learning available in the digital era.