What is it?

diigoDiigo is an online tool that helps you when you do research or analyse a Web page.

Because we have an Oxley Group account with Diigo, when you bookmark something, it can be shared immediately with everyone else in the group.

Also, you can highlight what you think is important on a Web page and even discuss your ideas with classmates and teachers whether you are in class together or working from home!

Learning Using Diigo

Getting Started

Before you can use Diigo, you need to do a few things.  Go to the Diigo – Preliminary Page to get started.

Level 1 – Gathering Links

A class activity will guide you to collecting bookmarks with Diigo. Go to the Level 1: Gathering Links tutorial page.

Level 2 – Reviewing and Sharing Links

Once you have some Web sites bookmarked, it’s good to review them for quality and share them with others.  This Level 2: Evaluating and Sharing Links activity will guide you.

 Level 3 – Group Analysis

Besides bookmarking sites you find for yourself and sharing them with a group, Diigo is also a great tool for analysing the content of Web pages.  And like bookmarking, you can do this just for yourself or collaboratively.  Use the Level 3: Analysing Web Pages activity to master this skill.

How about sharing your thoughts?

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