Diigo – Level 1: Gather New Links

Task: Students use Diigo to gather 5 – 10 links on a topic they are studying


To begin, make sure you…

  • are register for Diigo and are currently logged in to Diigo (go here to log-in)
  • have a Diigo tool (Toolbar, Diigolet, WebHighlighter, etc.) installed on your device

If you are missing either of the above, go to the Diigo Preliminary page and complete the tasks.

Then follow the steps below:

  1. Find a Web page worth bookmarking.
  2. If there is an opening paragraph or sentences that capture what the page is about, highlight that text on the Web page (as in this graphic showing the iPad’s Web Highlighter).
  3. Use the toolbar, Diigolet, Web Highlighter, Chrome extension or right mouse click to open the ”Save Bookmark” window. The highlighted text is automatically copied into the description field.

  • Choose any options (read later, private, etc.)
  • Use tags: unit / theme / topic, link-specific

The screenshot below shows the Firefox Toolbar version.  If you are using the Chrome extension, Safari or Explorer Diigolet, the screen will be a little different, but basically the same.  (Click on the image below if you want to make it larger.)


Complete the Task: Repeat the steps above until you have found 5 – 10 good links on the topic you’re researching.

Advanced: Spread the Wealth!  Share the Joy!  Work Smarter and Faster!

One extra step shares what you’ve found with everyone in your group.  When you find something that you think would ve useful for others, click on the “Share to a Group” box and select the group. Besides the Oxley Group, you could also start or join another group (search groups that share your interests?)

diigo2 (1)


Next Step

Once you complete the task, you are ready to keep using this skill to help you learn and also to go to the next Level: 2 Evaluating and Sharing.