Early Years


Three Ice-breaking Activities

  1. List baffling “techy talk”
  2. Geek like an Encryption
  3. Sorting Web Thing 1 & Web Thing 2

Why Use Technology?

  • Look to Learn: Whose Future?
  • Pedagogies for authentic learning: Intrinsic motivation & critical thinking

Playing with Web 2 Tools

Finding Links through Social Bookmarking

Start bookmarking to the Group!

Use the links below to find the best sites for your early years students and then save them to our group

Class RSS Feeds

Examples of Class Blogs

Podcasting & Audio

Learning Strategy #1 – Look to Learn

Helpful Pedagogy Documents

Look to Learn – Featuring one of our own!

1 thought on “Early Years”

  1. Debrief after Day 1:
    Re-publish L2L with Rene

    Send email and point to poll to get feedback.

    Use the survey questions from AISV to find out if needs are being met and areas of interest (focus on Voicethread, podcasts, etc.).

    Re-group on Diigo with an email / Webpage tutorial so that all are members of the Early Years Diigo group (to benefit from shared bookmarking).

    Day 2 can begin with surfing / bookmarking if many have not used the Diigo group. Also, review use of Scootle.

    Main aspect of Day 2 can be Pageflakes and setting up a blog / IWB launchpad.


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