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Here’s a very thought provoking video I have come across.

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Anyone for chocolate

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An Outstanding View

Click on the picture, then double click to zoom in. What do you see in this picture? What else do you see? How are the people in the picture like you? How are they different? What do you know about … Continue reading

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Plants in Action!

Claim-Support-Question Make a claim about the topic Identify support for your claim Ask a question related to your claim

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Carrying on in the theme of “Builder” Tools and scaffolding higher order thinking, this month’s new addition is the TubePrompter, an interactive page to facilitate “Learning 2 Look” activities using the wild richness of YouTube. Besides eliminating all the distractions … Continue reading

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AIS – New South Wales

Tom has the pleasure of working with Kindergarten – Year 2 teachers today. The Association of Independent Schools is holding its Fostering Learning in a Digital Era Conference.  Tom has prepared a keynote and this supporting page of resources for … Continue reading

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CEQ•ALL for Ultranet Coaches

It’s been great to meet with Ultranet coaches from across Victoria. Here are a few key documents related to CEQ•ALL. clipped from CEQ•ALL Rationale & Lit ReviewWhat happens when students are left to their own devices? Many students, well-trained … Continue reading

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MySpace Twist Prompts Suicide

The Web is abuzz today with the tragic story of Megan Meier, who committed suicide a year ago, but whose story is now being told by her agrieved parents. Full details (and 76 pages of readers’ heartfelt comments) are online … Continue reading

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Interesting Bits from 2006

G’Day Fellow Year-End Revellers, In the spirit of re-capping 2006, I’m weighing in with quirky twists that I think portend the end of “school-as-we-know-it.” Certainly the biggest story of 2006 is the emergence of Web 2.0 (audio discussion) and the … Continue reading

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It must be that time again…

At the risk of sparking a PC/Mac flame war, I thought I’d point to a couple new models. The [H] with Dell innards and the Pumputer 1.0 (a Classic…).  Okay, so maybe it won’t start a flame war, just a … Continue reading

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