Launceston Church Grammar – Visit #2

Getting Started

Two main game-changing developments both support and require education to change. One are the emerging technologies that personalise access to rich information (such as Sixth Sense). The second area of amazing developments is psychology and the related pedagogies. If we tap into the right research, here’s what we can expect:

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Those who know my work are aware that these bullet lists derive from Self-Determination Theory, Cultures of Thinking, Habits of Mind, Flow Theory, Grit and Authentic Happiness.

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The Tumblr Twist

To “Work the Web” for education, we need a flexible space that empowers us to easily work with rich media. Our first stop will be Tumblr.

Full Tumblr Tutorial page – new!

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Activity 5: The ClassPortal Twist


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Self-managed Learning Framework for students

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