Studies of Asia in Melbourne


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I have the pleasure of facilitating another 2 Day workshop for the Studies of Asia group at the Victorian department of education. Lindy Stirling, State Advisor, Studies of Asia (see the Studies of Asia Wiki) has organised this session at the Clifton’s in Melbourne’s beautiful CBD.

Studies of Asia Links


Activity 1: Great examples from previous Studies of Asia Workshops

To get a sense of what we will be creating over the next two days, please explore the work created by participants in previous sessions.  Try to notice the features, strategies and benefits gained from such a learning platform.

Extended Variations

Brainstorm what you noticed using shared a shared Stixy board or Twiddla

and debrief Web 2.0 terminology

Activity 2: Creating Your Smart Online Space

Fine-tuning your Blog

Activity 3: Look to Learn : : Learn to Look

Online Samples

Activity 4 – Web 2 Tools

Download the Web 2 Tools Overview handout and paste in the Tools Panel for your site.


Day 2 – Personalising Your Learning to Personalise Student Learning

Paths to Personal Success

Download the pdf for Tom’s strategies.

Path 1: Create 3 – 5 Look to Learn Activities for your students

Path 2: Enrich your site with content and rich media

Path 3: Create a ClassPortal

Manage your Rich Media Links

Piecing together Digital Learning

1. Smart Online Environment

  • Your current space or
  • Get a Blog
  • Modify the Blog’s Appearance
  • Settings for success
  • Making a Post – embedding YouTube
  • Creating a Page

2. Rich Resources

  • Get a Diigo Account
  • RSS Feeds from Netvibes
  • Set up a page of feeds
  • Add it as a link from your blog
  • iTunes – browse and subscribe
  • YouTube / TubeChop
  • TED Talks

3. Digital Learning Pedagogy

  • Dispositions, Habits of Mind, Intrinsic Motivation
  • Look to Learn
  • ClassPortals
  • WebQuests 2.0

4. Self-managed Learning Framework for students

  • The Remembered 20%
  • Map Skills to Hit 50
  • The Students’ Half


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42 thoughts on “Studies of Asia in Melbourne”

  1. Main goals for the following two days is to gain knowledge and of some practical and engaging ways of incorporating studies of Asia within our curriculum.

  2. I would like to increase the use of ICT in my classroom, and have a much better understanding of how it could help me and my students with their learning.

  3. I am hoping to find and learn how to utilise some fantastic online tools and resources to use with P-6 students.

  4. Goals:
    To improve my understanding and use of Web 2.0 technologies and to leave here with ideas to implement in the classroom.

  5. goalsfor this Pd are –
    1. sample some new ideas to support learning
    2. increase the resources the school has available to further develop and target learning
    3. support teachers to include studies of asia in their teaching

  6. My learning goals for 2 days are to explore what people have done for the “Studis of Asia” and develop units of work (if possible) which can apply to the classroom at school.

  7. Looking to increase the use of, and effective incorporation of ICT in the classroom to assist student learning and engagement

  8. Looking forward to seeing ways ICT can be integrated into a range of classroom topics (inc asia) and seeing some new web 2.0 sites.

  9. I would like to learn how to integrate ICT into our Asian Studies program for our grade 5 students and also find out what is available to assist with the teaching of Indonesian as a LOTE study for grade 6.

  10. To find some clear and accessible ways of implementing further ICT into our newly developed LOTE program.

    To become more adept at using ICT as an interactive communication tool with our students.

  11. Today I would like to learn more about Asian Studies, as that is our focus for the term, and some ways to incorporate ICT into an Asian Studies and/or LOTE lesson.

  12. I would like to learn how to integrate ICT & Asia studies into my 5/6 class in an engaging, interesting & fun way!

  13. I would like to learn practical and engaging ways i can incorporate ICT into my program on a regular basis.

  14. 1. Using ipods effectively e.g. podcasts and apps for language learning

    2. Tools/resources for communicating with others

    3. Self study/self guiding techniques for students

    4. Assessment tools and ideas for asian languages

  15. I will be teaching a unit on the (hi)story of China to year 10. I couch it in terms of “How to Interrogate the Story”. I want to make it up to date and captivating!

  16. I would like to gain more understanding about how to use ICT more effectively in a 5/6 classroom, particularly with studies of Asia.

  17. I would like to know how to use ICT to increase the level of skill of independent learning in my LOTE lessons for level 3/4 (grade 3-6).

    Have a good day.

  18. Integrate Studies Of Asia within a Prep-6 curriculum looking at how it can be modified for a juniour school level and extended for senior school so thay it can be delivered by teachers effectively

  19. Thanks Tom, for your patience. I would have liked to have heard more about your pedagogical ideas but I guess I can read what you write. The social theorist/economist that I was talking about is called Amartya Sen. I think you would enjoy reading his work and about his influence in education.


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