iPad for Learning Intro

Note: Once your iPad is set up for local networks with its WiFi Address, make sure you know your wireless passwords.  Once you have added these zones, they will be remembered and you won’t have to log into them again.

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Initial Sharing

As we wait for WiFi access, let’s share what we’ve found so far.  Some things can be demonstrated through the projector.

Common Tasks

Things you might like

  • ABC iView (media streaming)
  • TED – Technology Entertainment Design (consider an iTunes Subscription)
  • Others?

Subject Specific Apps (Free + Paid)

Activity #1 – Shared Analysis

In this activity we will use the Diigo Web Highlighter in the context of discussing uses for the iPad in the classroom.

  1. Go to this Web site: 10 Ways to use the iPad in the Classroom
  2. Make sure you have your Diigo Web Highligher installed
    • If you get stuck with the deleting bit, paste this into the Bookmark in your iPad when you are editing the Web Highlighter:
    • javascript:s=document.createElement%28%27script%27%29;s.type=%27text/javascript%27;s.src=%27https://www.diigo.com/javascripts/webtoolbar/diigolet_b_h_ipad.js%27;document.body.appendChild%28s%29;
  3. Make sure you have a Diigo Account
  4. Go ahead and highlight, add a new comment or comment on someone else’s comment.
  5. Should we use an education account?  A possible pilot project?

Activity #2 – Social Bookmarking

Now that you have access to Diigo and the Oxley Learners Group, let’s help each other by adding links to our shared collection.

  1. Make sure you have the WebHighlighter bookmarking button, a Diigo account and membership in the Oxley Learners Group.
  2. Surf the Web and when you find a link that you want to share with students or staff, Click the WebHighlighter and add it to our Group.
  3. Use the Tag Dictionary or add your own tags

Here is a cloud of current links:

Activity #3 – Shared Writing

Try our a shared document.  Here is a Google Doc that is open for everyone’s input.  Share something interesting or whatever you like.

  1. Contribute to a Google Doc
  2. Do you want to sign-up for a Gmail / Google Apps account?
  3. Do you want to contribute to an FAQ page on our use of iPads?

Activity #4 – Online Survey

Google also provides online forms that work great for easily posted surveys or quizzes.

Resources from Apple

How about sharing your thoughts?

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