ISV – 5 Day Finale

Welcome & Agenda

Today is a celebration of participants’ learning.  This is the fifth and final session of the workshop series that began in Term 1.  We have focused on trying out new Web 2 tools and strategies like Looking to Learn, ClassPortals and WebQuests.  Today people will share something they have created and we will review our learning.


Twiddla EtherPad

Leveraging Web 2 – AGQTP

Real Rich and Relevant Group

Reviewing “The Edge-ucators Way”

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Download the Edge-ucators’ Way Skills List


Taking banner ads off YouTube Videos

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Don’t show related videos after yours plays

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9 Responses to ISV – 5 Day Finale

  1. Christabell says:

    This is a site that, as a staff we are using a lot now:
    These are examples of some of the sites I’m using in class:

  2. Kat Courtney Jones says:
    Dust Echoes – “The Dreaming” Clash of culture Unit
    Waste workshop: How do we change? Enviro 101 Unit

  3. Helen Feutrill says:

    Hi Tom,
    The link I sent you doesn’t appear to be on this page so her is another one

  4. Melissa says: – This is a great online tool for students to design their own stories and be creative using technology. – Provides an online mathematics learning tool. This includes: tests, homework, NAPLAN preparation testing, work booklets, online competitions and online learning within each strand. – This is a great online brainstorming tool… – Also good to use as an online brainstorming tool, but can also be used to summarise information in an interesting way.

  5. amanda snell says:

    This is the wiki I have worked on

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