Working with Mater Maria


I’m delighted to have a whole day to work with the staff of Mater Maria College in the northern beaches area of Sydney.

Here’s a set of materials to guide what you do.

Getting input:TypeWith.Me

I’m still convinced that for a school to successfully implement digital learning four conditions must be addressed. They are:

  1. a place to meet online
  2. a set of Rich Routines to do once they are there
  3. a longer process that develops a renewed understanding of Curriculum – shifting from seat time and product to mastery and performance.
  4. finally, a framework that shifts the ownership and management of learning to students (where is has always belonged)

Online Space

  • Get a WordPress Blog
  • Modify the Blog’s Appearance
  • Settings for success
  • Making a Post – embedding YouTube
  • Creating a Page

Rich Online Routines and Examples

All learners (children and adults) come with a range of abilities and experiences.  They progress at different rates.  This truth is one that the Industrial model to schooling has been struggling with for a century.  Fortunately, in the digital era, this limitation doesn’t exist.  1:1 learners can and do progress at individual paces.  What we need are new classroom routines – beyond “chalk and talk” – that nurture and support individuals to achieve their potential.  The “Edge-ucators Way” is a platform for helping students and teachers move in this direction.

Look to Learn:




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