Studies of Asia Workshops


I look forward to working together for two days to enhance professional practice around Digital Learning and Studies of Asia.   Lindy Stirling, State Advisor, Studies of Asia (see the Studies of Asia Wiki) has organised a series of these two-day workshops for Melbourne and Gippsland.

We will focus on four main categories needed to support every Digital Edge-ucator:

  1. Online Environment
  2. Rich Resources
  3. Digital Learning Pedagogy
  4. Curriculum Continuum


Let’s begin by introducing ourselves and sharing our backgrounds and interests Stixy

The specific activities and links can be found in this Set of Course Materials and focus on Web 2, creating Blogs and getting easy access to rich resources.

IWB blog tools and panel page

Create a Pageflakes account

Studies of Asia Links

Adding Users and Staying in Touch

Having Users Register at or add students through Dashboard > Users – Invites set to “author”.

Paste the Web address / URL of your WordPress blog

in the comments here so we can not lose your great work

59 thoughts on “Studies of Asia Workshops”

  1. I want to figure out how to use blogs as effectively as I can given the circumstances of my school – i.e. – very few children have internet access at home and resources at school are somewhat limited. Can I incorporate blogs as part of targeted small group writing in Literacy?

  2. I found it very difficult to keep up yesterday and did not necessarily understand some of the terms (jargon ) used or the tasks taught. So I am happy to just plod along as it is all new (and very confusing), so I’ll just try to make sense of it as we go.

  3. We learnt how to make a blog yesterday. I would like to learn more about how to integrate blogs and other web 2.0 into specific aspects of the primary curriculum.

  4. How we can authentically link the two – ICT and Asian studies?
    I know we can use Skype, blogs, Voicethreads etc to communicate, but what else I guess and how? Are there avenues that I don’t know about? Are the uses of ICT that enchances learning about Asia beyond what I already know in terms of checking out websites, using communication tools such as Facebook?
    I guess I’m looking for a better understanding of how I can enhance studies of Asia using ICT.

    • Hi Michele,
      Good points. One thing to really explore, then is a collaborative space – the blog can be used for that, but also explore things like University’s cLc (COnnected Learning Community):

  5. I’ve really enjoyed learning how to make the blogs. I think there is a great deal we can do with the children in relation to the blogs. I really enjoyed looking at the sticky notes as the children can become quite ‘involved’ in the lesson, I would love to see some more interactive ideas such as these which we could also save onto the blog.

  6. Learning about all the different tools that we can use in our classrooms was really good. Learning more about the blogs would be good and others tools that we could use with the kids. Loved the sticky notes.

  7. I would be interested in learning how to integrate other Web 2.0 ICT tools and learning technologies into my teaching. Creating the Blog was a great learning tool and learning other ways to use this in the classroom would also be good to know.

  8. I have some idea about setting up a blog. However I need further instructions on how to change the appearance, how to embed web links, pdcasts etc. I am not very confident with diigo. Just lost it midway so would be great for some more instructions on it today From Kamla Reddy

  9. Skyping with other schools?
    is there a way to have a ‘page’ of songs that can be clicked and played or videos that can be listed and viewed? (or do I just need to get out of the old web page mentality?)

  10. I would like to learn more about infusing Studies of Asian into school curriculum through the use of ICT.
    I would also like to learn to create a web page for Studies of Asian that can be access by teachers, students, parents and also the community. Will this be a better way to reach out to all and open up new opportunity to work hand in hand in preparing our children for the future?

  11. more tools that are “instant” rather than take setting up – such as sticky and type with me – think they’ll be more useful with younger students rather than having to set things up

  12. I found yesterday really great, but needed to stay will focused to keep up. I would like to look at pod casting , how to skype would be great, how to use a second page, how to order things in a fixed order so your intro and your current stuff stays at the top , so that when say a student opens it the stuff they need to do will appear first.

  13. Yesterday was an eye-opener and a lot to comprehend, ideally I would love time to explore more about setting my blog, searching diigo etc Feel as though I am able to understand more about web 2.0 but also understand I have a long way to go!!

  14. I found the Blog information yesterday very interesting. I can see that it has some exciting applications for my teaching but I’m betting that access to it will be muffled by the school admin [much as I love the school admin ]

    I love the idea of being able to connect with lots of others in a forum to discuss things that I’m trying in class. Because I am essentially lazy I would have liked more tools that I can use straight away in the classroom to engage students and create “bells and whistles”.
    We have tended to focus on ICT rather than Asian Perspectives in teaching. This is fine by me since I love the ICT stuff and suspect that lots of schools will end up paying lip service to the inclusion of Asian perspectives in the classroom. I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with this but feel that it is what will happen.

  15. I’m wanting more useful tools for ASIA studies or even other studies. I don’t have the grasp of yesterday’s PD and how PS kids can work with it easily/effectively

  16. I now have more of an idea about the process involved in creating blogs and will work on making sure that everything I do today can be applied back to my current classroom practices & units of work. Still getting lost with some vocab used and how I can directly relate the ICT skills with Asian studies.

  17. Ways to introduce a class to using these tools that don’t leave kids sitting waiting for help when they get stuck. Limited resources and time make it a challenge in primary school, how can we make that challenge into a positive?

  18. I would like to assist students in creating their own blog pages as part of an intranet or group, rather than on the world wide web (for privacy issues)

  19. So much to learn in one day. Will need to follow up at school ASAP to get more confident before introducing to students.

  20. I found yesterday very interesting but also frustrating as i kept missing Tom’s instructions and found myself getting lost quite frequently.

  21. We’ve had an informative session on web 2.0 (even though i had used it not known the term) also learned a lot of technology jargon (now I can sound like a geek)
    Found the tubechop website useful… will use it frequently and the word press ofcourse.
    Would love to know more about developing and presenting podcast.
    Are there other schools out there… (we did speak about it in the website on the Asia project) schools in Australia that students can communicate with and share their learning?
    Is there some way i can make word press as secure as myclasses?

  22. How to use information from websites for research skills with students at primary school level.

    How to use the ultranet

    On-line resources for primary students.

    Use of whiteboard

  23. The tools we used yesterday, Type with me and sticky,
    How do we set these up to work with just a class

  24. I would also like to learn more about planning effective ICT activities and assessments that encourage inquiry and thinking in a primary school classroom. E.g. Students (Grade 4-6) are to watch a short video clip on ‘Endangered Animals’ and take notes electronically. As an assessment task, they are to submit a mini-powerpoint of at least 3 animals from the video. What platform should I use to make this process as easy as possible? How do I get them to see one another’s powerpoints easily? Can I get them to self-assess their work?


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