10th Anniversary Clean-up Sale

Tom March
G’Day All, It’s time for a little house cleaning…

After over a decade as a “Web-based educator,” I’ve accumulated a few too many things to look after myself. So it’s time to see if they can find a better home. Next month, I’ll share a few domains that are catchy, but that I’ve never used. This month, though, it’s time to see if any school district, company or association is interested in two of ozline’s most popular Web sites…
BestWebQuests for Sale


  • Launched in 2001, BestWebQuests is the only directory of fully reviewed directory of WebQuests that are really WebQuests.
  • Here’s an example review. Note the barchart. This is created automatically by adding and reviewing the site through BestWebQuests’ powerful Control Panel and comparing it to the BestWebQuests’ Rubric
  • Included in the site is all the coding (written in Active Server Pages – ASP), a comprehensive administration back-end and a database of over 1100 quality WebQuests.
  • Includes the domain bestwebquests.com and bwqu.com (for BestWebQuests University – the potential for an online course)
  • BestWebQuests can be installed on any Windows server
  • Offers over $15,000 considered – as is: The database suffers from my neglect over the past two years and a fair bit of LinkRot renders 404s for individual WebQuests. If the quality of the database is important to the purchaser, we will go through and update the links for an additional cost.
  • Development offers considered – if your organization wants grow BestWebQuests into a mecca of Web 2, Challenge-based learning resources, I would be happy to consult on such an enterprise.

Web-and-Flow.com for Sale


  • Launched in 1998, Web-and-Flow was Web 2.0 in a Web 1 era. Teacher and librarians create up to six different Web-based activities from the Interactive software.
  • Includes a built-in Link Checker to assist educators to keep their activities fresh each year.
  • More than a Web-page maker, Web-and-Flow was lovingly written by me as online mentoring in curriculum design. Included are a host of Help pages and Tutorial modules. The Purchaser would retain copyright to the written content if they want to repurpose it.
  • Includes the domain web-and-flow.com
  • Successfully licensed to school districts and associations to foster a collection of educator-made learning activities.
  • Written in robust Perl, purchasers might want to develop a revision in something like php and AJAX. This would create a real killer-app for a start-up company or expand the reach of a current portal.
  • Offers over $25,000 considered
  • If the purchaser wanted to redevelop Web-and-Flow into its full Web 2.0 + potential, I would be pleased to serve as a design consultant as an additional contract.

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