AGQTP ClassPortals


(review Day 2 outcomes)

Great “ClassBlogs:“

A “ClassPortal” Twist

Resources & Activities


  • Create new blog at (from your current account)
  • Brainstorm and Choose YOUR topic for a ClassPortal (see sample?)
  • Create a Diigo Bookmarks Group on your Topic
  • Add at least one Look to Learn Post
  • Copy and paste the Web 2 Tools Panel?
  • Copy, Edit ClassPortals Feeds Pageflakes and add a link to a Pageflakes feed page
  • Add Core links (search engines, collaborators, core tools, etc.)
  • Adjust Sidebar Widgets
  • Write your About page to describe your classroom integration plan
  • Produce content (Podcasts, Videos / YouTube Channel, VoiceThread, Dipity timelines, Flickr streams, etc.)
  • Leverage the  CEQ-ALL (“seek all”) – personal learning framework? (download)


Works in Progress

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