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Intriguing Ourselves to Death…

a plea for Education… What follows isn’t anything new, but will likely be all too common – yet it serves as a concrete example of why education must change and what it must address. Over an hour ago, I thought … Continue reading

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A “Vision” of Knowledge

File this post under: “Intriguing ourselves to Death” Check the cool new mashup of Google Maps, Wikipedia and László Kozma’s programming that he calls WikipediaVision. It’s a great illustration of the changing nature of “knowledge.” WikipediaVision provides relatively realtime markers … Continue reading

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The “outsourced brain”

David Brooks’ Op-Ed piece “The Outsourced Brain” in the New York Times is a must read for educators. Beginning with a GPS goddess that gently steers the author in the right direction, Brooks goes on to invoke his use of … Continue reading

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