SCECGS Redlands

It’s nice to return to Redlands, Sydney Church of England Co-educational Grammar School.  I had the pleasure to work with the staff and ICT Integrators at the end of 2008 and return to share some new ideas regarding what I’m seeing as the four piece puzzle to truly supporting the 1:1 digital learning that is often available at school and almost invariably from home.

A Closer Look

  1. A Culture of Collaboration – Welcome to Wikicademy
  2. Rich Routines and Smart Online Spaces – The Edge-ucators Way: Look to Learn, ClassPortals and WebQuests & WQ 2.0
  3. An Empowered Vision of Curriculum – Disintermediate me?! and The Greek Sculpture Question
  4. A Framework for Student Self-managed Learning – CEQ•ALL (Seek All) rationale and Rubric (pdf)

Some Examples

Look to Learn:





Collaborative Tools

Task #1

  • Beyond Cut & Paste
  • Essential Questions
  • Assessment Criteria
  • Look to Learn
  • ClassPortals
  • WebQuests