Invite Users to

How to Add Students to your Blog

The steps below are for the teacher to invite users.  This is best done when students are in a computer lab or have 1:1 access so the proces can be completed immediately.  Students can also register for the blog themselves.

1) From within the Dashboard, under the Users menu, click “Invites”.

2) Enter your students names and email address.  Be sure to tick the boxes for Adding the user to the Blogroll and adding as a contributor (you can easily change their level to Author later).

3. Students then need to check their email and click on the link to confirm the invitation to join the Blog.

4. This takes the students to the usual page where they choose their Username and password.  Make sure students use a common naming approach (e.g., “firstnameLastInitial” – such as GregB).  Notice that this creates an account for them where they can also start their own blogs.

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