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After getting a WordPress Blog, you will want to make a Post. Here are the steps after logging in to your Blog.

From the Dashboard, you can add a post in one of three ways. Click the image here to see a larger version.

We recommend using #1 or #2 as they give you more layout and embedding options, but if you only have a brief “shout-out”, go ahead and use #3, the “QuickPress.”

Once you are in the “Add New Post” screen, add your title and the content you want to appear in the post.

Use the “Rich Text” / WYSIWYG editor (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) to format the text the way you want. Highlight sections, for example, and then click the “Bulleted List” icon to do just that. Play around. Experiment. The exact way your text appears once you publish the post depends on the IWB Blog’s style sheets, so don’t fuss things too much – some is out of your control…

The colorful icons starting with YouTube are all for embedding videos from a range of Web sites. Use the right one for the video you want to embed and it will play right in your post.

To add other media, you can upload / insert it. Use the clip below as a guide.

Once you have the content the way you want, it’s a very good idea to add Tags/Categories so that your post can be filed and retrieved more easily. Use the boxes to mark your post appropriately.

The first time you post your page, you’ll use the “Publish” button. Every time after that, the button turns into “Update Post.”

To see your post actually online, I like to use separate browser Tabs for the Dashboard and the published blog. To do this simply right-click on the link at the top of the Dashboard to open the Blog in a New Tab.

You can see a video from YouTube that covers roughly the same process

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