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Our 21st Century Reality

You may have noticed that students are keen users of personal technologies.  This may have gotten you to thinking, “Wow, these could really be used to super-charge learning!” But they aren’t.  In fact, phones, tablets and laptops actually tend to side-track student learning.  Why?  It’s simple: our schools are based on a mass production model when technologies promote unique consumption.  Would you rather do what everyone else is forced to or what is fun and right in front of you? The problem is not the technology, it’s the context. Today’s schools have been so busy dealing with change that they haven’t been able to change themselves. They still operate like assembly lines where students “progress” through the grades regardless of what they do (or don’t) just as the curriculum in separate content areas rolls on because of the calendar, not student mastery. All this while the only true goal schools can have for students in our era of change is for them to become self-initiated, self-motivated lifelong learners. Unfortunately mass production schooling works against this very goal.  What can we do?

Next Era Ed

t_nexteraed“Next Era Ed” is designed to support education’s transition from assembly line schooling to personally meaningful learning.  It presents a clear path during this period of uncertainty.  If you are intrigued and want to learn more, the best way to engage with the Next Era Ed model is to check your school’s degree of readiness.  Just click the icon below to get started with a very short survey that will give you a quick assessment of where your school is on the path to the next era of education.



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