Reflection – Template

(would you like to see a sample reflection?)

Copy and paste the text below into a supporting page for your case study.  Leave the headings, but replace the prompting questions with your own responses.  Remember the pages need to be on public Webspace so we can view them.  Title the page “Professional Reflection” so we know what to look for.


What motivated you to develop this project?

Intended goals / outcomes

What specific learning goals did you think this project would achieve?  (these can be goals for your own professional learning or student learning)

Description of the activity

Briefly describe the flow of the activity.  What did students do?  Where did it take place? What kinds of resources did they use?  What types of interactions did they have? etc.

Use of Online / Web 2 resources & tools

Specifically, which Web 2 tools or online environments were used in the project.  Provide links to the sites and any tutorial pages you found useful.

Anecdotes from Design / Implementation

Actual quotations or vignettes often capture  learning that’s useful when sharing with others.  Relay any specific comments or exchanges you remember from either the design of the project or when students were engaged in it.

Final Reflection

Your final reflection attempts to distill out what you feel to be the most important learning you made from piloting this project.  We can learn from success and failure, moments of grace and quirky luck.  What can you share with others that rings true to you?

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