Module 4 – WebQuests

Beginning: Understanding WebQuests

WebQuest exemplars:

Check for Understanding

Prompt: What is a WebQuest and how would you use one?  Make sure to include a description of what students do to transform information into new meaning / build knowledge / achieve synthesis.  Send this in an email to .

If extra background is needed, try reading What WebQuests Are (Really).

Experience Teaching with the Web

Either point to your online space and its activities or take the Self-assessment: Digital Learning Skills List Checklist (doc)

If reviewing your online space, check for:Review the online space in terms of:

  1. Scaffolding / support
  2. Student contribution / interaction
  3. Rich resources
  4. Inquiry / Intrinsic motivation

Check for Understanding

Re-assess: Look to Learn? ClassPortal? or create a BestWebQuest or WebQuest 2.0 process (pdf)?

Drafting a WebQuest

Brainstorming Ideas

Gather Links

Check for Understanding: Consider “Roles” from the WebQuest Design Process, then use the WebQuest Pre-Write to see how you’re going.

Your Webspace or WordPress

WebQuests 2.0


WebQuests .9 & 1.0

1 thought on “Module 4 – WebQuests”

  1. Meaning of a WebQuest??
    Is using digital technology to make inquiry based learning more interactive and accessible.
    It is a way to structure the knowledge, skills and understanding of key concepts.
    It is also a way to direct students through the vast amount of information available to them on the web and be able to discern what information is reputable, valuable to their purposes and how it informs their learning.

    How do I use it?
    Using the form to develop research projects in Year 7 Humanities classes.
    As a compliment to bought textbooks students go beyond content to inquiry based learning, and by completing the WebQuest they can fulfill the school based assessment.


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