Module 1

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  1. tommarch says:

    Goals from March 17 – Learning 2.0
    Use dropbox
    Find Quality material – free & help achieve VELS efficiently
    Collaboration: local > Global
    Demystify Jargon / Teminology
    Pedagogy, Tools & Learning

  2. Helena says:

    I love the creativity of the Web.2 resources we have just looked at. There are so many possibilities and choices for students not just one format

  3. Helen Feutrill says:

    Web 2 is sharing
    Web 2 is movement as opposed to static –
    Web 2 is multiple linkages, cross links to variety of media sources

  4. Pat Kenny says:

    Looking forward to an interactive Professional Development program.

  5. Ilya says:

    Am still struggling to find Diigo useful, will continue to explore and will try to find out why so many people like it.
    Anybody else have the same experience?

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