Question: I’d never heard of Dimdim before this week!!!  Do I need to do anything in particular before tonight’s Edge-ucators meeting?  … like … do we need a webcam etc?

Answer: Dimim seems to be one of the most advanced “browser-only” Web Conferencing systems.  It was chosen because

  1. it doesn’t require additional software to join a meeting
  2. You can use a WebCam or just a microphone – here’s some system requirement details
  3. it shares Web pages really well
  4. Meetings can be recorded for later replaying
  5. there is a free version and the Pro version is very affordable compared to other systems
  6. You can find out more at  What is DimDim? and access many video tutorials from the Getting Started page.

Experience with other Web conferencing systems suggests that audio feedback is one of the most common problems.  Here are some tips. There are two options for using a mike to converse in DimDim:

  1. Click on the “hands free” box and use the mute control, if you have one, on your headset.
  2. Hold down the “Talk” button with your mouse when you wish to talk.

It’s important for everyone who has a mike to mute it unless speaking.  Otherwise the resulting feedback can create problems for everyone. Please also make sure you know where the input and output volume controls are for your computer. If your voice is too loud or too soft, the problem can often be solved by adjusting your personal volume output control.

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