Tech’s Appeal

Technology’s appeal to youth is obvious.  So is its relentless race to make things smaller, faster, smarter and cooler.  Whether we like it or not, Tech’s Appeal and Advancement is a fact of life that affects our students.  Here are some examples of how.

Connect – Extend – Challenge

1. How are the ideas and information presented connected to what you already knew?

2. What new ideas did you get that extended or pushed your thinking in new directions?

3. What is still challenging or confusing for you to get your mind around? What questions, wonderings or puzzles do you now have?

Our Challenge

What do students really need in order to take advantage of “Tech’s Appeal” and not fall prey to it?

If we take seriously the way young people have adopted a “digital lifestyle,” are we considering the ways this might impact them?  Some main areas are presented below.  Explore the links that interest you – if you are working in a team, think about splitting up the task so all areas are considered by your group.

Which the areas are the most important?  Which should be part of school’s “moral imperative” to help students toward a successful life?  If we understand the limitations on how little time students might be with us as opposed to the hours they spend online, what is our best approach?

Extra Links to Explore

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How about sharing your thoughts?