Lovely Boys

Our Lovely Young Boys

going to pre-school Boys at the Fair
Aulden & Mickey' Natty w/ Goat
Natty chalk

Our lives changed magically beginning in 1993 when our first son, Nathaniel, was born, sending the “pride and joy” quotient off the charts. Nathaniel is growing up to be a wonderful big boy who engages life head-on (as evidenced in how he works with sidewalk chalk) and loves books, tools, building railroads, using the computer, and going to museums.

Mr. Bones at Torrey Aulden's Pout

In 1995 we were blessed with the return of an old friend, Aulden Scott. His cheerful face and easy disposition will make him a wonderful brother, friend, and companion. He loves his family, looking at books, and the outdoors.

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