The Big Wide World WebQuest

Good News! All the links on the Big Wide World WebQuest have been updated, so it’s ready for use. Right Now! What was particularly great about this updating is that the kinds of links students can use have gotten so much richer since the last refreshing. Site like the Stellarium and Climate Time Machine (as examples) really make this a hands-on and engaging experience for students (and rewarding for teachers and parents.  Let me know what you think – always happy to tinker.


Because people kept asking whether younger students could do WebQuests, I created The Big Wide World WebQuest as a way to immerse younger students in a teacher-facilitated exploration of the world.  Inspired by a son’s school field trip into the local farms and paddocks, I used the WebQuest to engage them in some of the bigger picture aspects of our world (seasons, climate, biomes, animals, plants, culture, etc.).

After watching the video and exploring the site, use the comments below or on Youtube or contact me to let me know if you are interested in using the WebQuest, particularly with students away from school due to the coronavirus. This will prompt me to update the links and give the WebQuest a little refresher with more engaging and interactive resources.


How about sharing your thoughts?