Life Cycles QuickQuest (and Invitation!)

QuickQuest #1 – Life Cycles

QuickQuest Mini WebQuests on Life Cycles

As briefly described in an earlier post, QuickQuests are a slimmed down version of WebQuests. This makes the easier to make and use (whether in a classroom or remotely).

What Makes this a QuickQuest, not a WebQuest?

Like WebQuests, the main idea behind a QuickQuest is using rich online resources to engage students in an activity that prompts them to acquire knowledge, think more deeply about the topic and then find personal meaning. The main differences are that a QuickQuest can be completed in 1-3 lessons and done by individual students.  All of these processes are achieved in what’s essentially an enhanced “worksheet”  using Google Docs (and Slides for the teacher). You can get the Life Cycles QuickQuest for free from my TeachersPayTeachers store.

Here’s a peek into the Life Cycles QuickQuest

I invite you to Suggest a Topic!

I’m really happy to create more QuickQuests so why don’t you send me your topic requests! Click this link or the graphic below to fill in a short form that shares your suggestion.

Or use the Form above, comments below, my contact page or Twitter (@NextEraEd) to suggest a topic.




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